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New Westminster Senior Peer counselling

620 8th Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 3S2

T: (604) 519-1064

W:  http://www.chspc.ca



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    How We Can Help

    Life transitions

    Life transitions are natural and begin with a string of losses... learn more

    Bereavement and loss

    Significant loss (spouse, child, pet, anything important) can encompass a range of feelings... learn more

    Loneliness or isolation

    Humans are naturally social and when we find ourselves feeling isolated this could be a warning... learn more


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    7 Things You Should Never Be Ashamed Of

    1. Listening to your intuition.
    2. Respecting and standing up for yourself.
    3. Making your own choices/ living your own life.
    4. Taking time for yourself/ investing in self care.
    5. Feeling and respecting your own emotions.
    6. Following your heart, and Investing in your dreams.
    7. Letting go of the past (that’s not who you are today.)

    — unknown